Concerning the Seller:

I have been collecting gemstones for over thirty years and mineral specimens for over fifty years.  For approximately ten years, I was a part-time custom jewelry designer.  About twenty years ago, a friend of mine who is a bench jeweler and I decided to look into the retail gem and jewelry business.  After completing our business plan, it was determined that relocation to another state would be required to guarantee the best success.  We both agreed that the move would not be possible for either of us at that time.

My primary interest over the years has been with gemstones that display dispersion equal to or greater than diamonds including play of color gemstones such as opal.  However, for reasons that escape me, I managed to accumulate significant quantities of kunzite, sapphire, and especially garnet.  There are over 450 gems in my collection.   In a way, this collection has become my 401k and, since I've recently retired, is now up for sale.

Gem Pavilion is basically an online gemstone "garage sale".  I'm selling off my entire gemstone and small jewelry collection.  Since I am not a gem or jewelry retailer, there will be no opportunity to fulfill a request for items outside of my inventory.  Once the collection is sold out, the website will be shut down.

All gemstones for sale on this site are natural - mined from the earth.  These gems may have been heated or irradiated, with the exception of emeralds which are usually oiled, to enhance their natural qualities.  Heat and irradiation treatment is considered permanent and stable.  

Concerning the gemstone pictures:

The pictures of the gemstones and jewelry were taken by me unless explicitly stated otherwise.  The images are unaltered (not "photoshopped" or color corrected), but have been resized as appropriate.  I reserve all rights reserved as copyright holder of these images.  It is not my intention to release copyright authority to others.

Concerning gemstone treatments:

Almost all gemstones are heated and this treatment is rarely revealed to the buyer.  In practice, only if the stone is unheated, will the buyer be informed.  Diamonds are probably the exception (research "HPTP").  Opals may be "sugared". Emeralds are oiled which means care should be taken when cleaning them.  Diamonds may be heated and/or irradiated.  Blue topaz is almost always irradiated.

The rules and laws governing this area are only sporadically enforced.  In the gem business there are treatments that buyers demand be revealed and often aren't.  One such treatment is called fracture filling, most commonly found in the high end gemstones such as diamonds and rubies.  Others include but are not limited to coatings (such as dyeing, tinfoil backing and surface film applications), doublets (combination of two different mineral species, usually) and laser drilling (often used with fracture filling).

For a more exhaustive list of gemstone treatments or detailed information concerning these treatments,  I refer you to the Gemological Institute of America as well as other trade, commercial and educational gemological sites.  HSN (Home Shopping Network) has an informative Gemstone Enhancement Chart on their website.