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Zircon Calcite, Twinned Strong green fluorescent diamond
Our Price: $325.00
Calcite, Twinned
Our Price: $595.00
Our Price: $4,850.00
Weight: 6.91 carats
Size: 11.84 x 11.59 x 6.08 mm
Color: Yellow
Clarity: eye clean
Treatment: most likely heated

Notes: GIA report

Comments: Despite the beauty of this Zircon, it refuses to be photographed well because of its strong birefringence (image doubling).  It is brighter than pictured.  Place of origin is Tanzania.
Weight: 62.55 carats
Size: 27.6 x 19.4 mm
Color: near colorless
Clarity: eye clean
Treatment: none

Notes: an American cut

Comments: The first two pics were photographed in full sunlight with the last pic photographed in studio lighting.  As seen in the pics, the rainbow effect occurs in about 40 percent of the stone with the colors reflected on the opposite side.
0.85 cts